What Your Heels Don’t Tell Ya

heels marin

by marin

Hey Trendsetters!

Us gals love our heels! The only problem is when we wear them sometimes we forget to take care of our feet. God only gave us each one pair so we better take good care of them right?

So what don’t your heels tell you?

1. Don’t wear them everyday.

As cute as they are, and as good as they make you feel, if you wear heels everyday you will regret this decision when you get older.

2. Choose the right shoes for the shape of your feet.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every shoe cupped your feet like a glove? You should select footwear that complements the shape of your arches and heels. Otherwise you will have unnecessary stress on your body.

3. Make sure your shoes are the right size.

If you are trying to force your feet in shoes that are either to big or too small for your feet stop while you are ahead. This will help you avoid, blusters, aching, and the un-sitely stubs on your toes, “corns”.

4. Handle your feet with care.

In between wearing those sexy heels, you need to take special care of them. How do you do this? Simply take a hot bath, or if you have one soak your feet in a foot spa. Going for a nice foot massage and pedicure are also great ways to take care of your feet.

5. Keep your toe nails groomed.

Don’t let your toe nails get long and straggly. Make sure that they are neatly cut and groomed to fit well in your shoes.