What is Your Body Type/Shape?

The key to looking good is feeling good. The key to feeling good is looking good.

What comes first? To grow in this area you must choose to become educated on your body type. Then you can take a stab at selecting your personal style. The first order of agenda concerning confidence in your personal style is identifying your body type so that you can make educated choices about selecting options for your wardrobe!

So lets start the conversation.

What is your body type? Choose one in the poll below.


Most women are Pear-Shaped, meaning that the widest part of their body is below their waist around her hips. The Pear-Shaped woman may either have wide hips or a large derriere or both.  Being Pear-Shaped does not discriminate, based on your height or weight. You may be Pear-Shaped and either short or tall. You may also be slim, thick, or overweight.

Beyonce is a great representation of this popular body type.


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Apple Shaped women carry their weight in the top half of their body. They typically have broad shoulders, a wide torso, a full bust, a wide waist, and a wide upper back.

Catherine Zeta Jones is a great representation of this unique body type.


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The Straight-Shaped Women is also known as the rectangular or H-shaped woman. This woman’s hips and shoulders are pretty much the same width. Also, this woman does not have a distinguished waist; her waist measurement is less than 9″ smaller than her hips and shoulders.

Taylor Swift is the perfect example of this model body type.



Hour-Glassed Shaped

Hour-Glassed Shaped women’s shapes are coveted and are sometimes referred to as the coke bottle . The waist on a hour glassed-figured woman is well defined, and her bust to hips ratio is almost identical. Both her hips and bust are full.

A great example of a celebrity with an Hour-Glass-Figure is Kim Kardashian.


by Andrew Evans / PR Photos