Her Style Was Inspired by…


Hey Trendsetters!

I met beautiful Faith at a Christian House Party this past weekend, and I had to get a snapshot of what she was wearing. She is quite beautiful in her cheeta print blouse. The coral pants make this look scream spring. The top is chiffon and very playful. Chiffon is a fabric that we will be seeing a lot of this summer.

By putting a white cami underneath her blouse she lightened the brown and black tones.

She matches her black accessories which make this look fluid. Her thin black belt compliments her cute little beach sandals. I would sport this look!

So What Inspired Her Style?:

“I just thought I wanted to look cute so I though it needed something so I added the belt to complete the look. My roomate should probably get more of the credit for this outfit because she has been encouraging me to put different pieces together.” -Faith Story

Where did you buy you outfit?

Pants: Marshall’s

Belt: Walmart

Shirt: Forever 21