Stripes Make You Look Fat! Fact or Fiction? Trend Report



Hey Trendsetters!

I absolutely love stripes and they are so in this summer. The great thing about stripes is they provide so much versatility with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some women fear wearing stripes because they are afraid that stripes make them look fat!

Is this true? If you chose to go out and buy a new dress or blouse that’s striped will you automatically look fat?

Nope, not if you find out what works for your body. You absolutely have to know your body and how to dress it! There are so many options when it comes to selecting the striped item that fits both your body and your budget.

Horizontal stripes do tend to make the wearer look wider, but if you happen to like them you can do a version of horizontal and vertical stripes together.

If your body is more pear-shaped you might want to wear horizontal stripes on top and vertical or diagonal on the bottom. This will create a more slimming look from your bust-line to your hips.

If your body is more pear snapped you might want to reverse that rule and wear horizontal on the top and vertical on the bottom to slim your hips and thighs and enhance your bust-line.

Also, the style choice of your striped item is also important and can affect your appearance of looking slimmer or thicker.

If you stay conscious of your body you can definitely rock this trend! Send me photos!